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TLC Healthcare has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2020.
The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

TLC Healthcare (TLC) is dedicated to being leaders in innovative and integrated healthcare renowned for providing wellbeing to its communities. As a pioneer in the industry, TLC is poised to become Australia’s first intergenerational care provider integrating residential aged care homes, co-located primary care medical centres, nationally recognised training and childcare providing care from infancy through to end of life. TLC currently comprises TLC Aged Care, TLC Primary Care and TLC Learning as operating business units with TLC Early Learning officially launching in 2020. All operating divisions receive support from TLC Head Office. TLC is renowned for delivering unprecedented, innovative initiatives, programs and services including TLC Health Clubs, TLC OnCall, TLC Virtual Reality, TLC Salons and TLC Cafes supporting the success of its business units and the organisation as a whole. All operating divisions of TLC are supported by centralised services providing Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Building and Property, Human Resources and Quality support. As a mid-tier care provider, TLC outperforms its larger competitors in all key service and commercial metrics for the industry, culminating to a key highlight in demand for its service evidenced through industry-leading occupancy levels. TLC is proud of its profile and ability to contribute to the industry to drive exceptional quality care, a positive workplace culture and outstanding business results.

TLC Learning is the nationally recognised, registered training division of TLC delivering training in aged care, first aid and medication administration. This division plays a key role in TLC’s expansion in “growing its own workforce” as well as ensuring that the skills of its employees are continually maintained and upgraded so that they can continue to provide the best possible care to TLC’s residents and patients. TLC Learning is nationally accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority and its courses meet the requirements of the Australian Qualification Framework.

TLC’s Mission is to be leaders in innovative and integrated healthcare renowned for providing wellbeing to our communities. TLC is proud of its culture for which the Mission and Values are the foundation. TLC’s strategic direction is one of growth, efficiency and sustainability. TLC’s strategic direction is one of growth, efficiency and sustainability. TLC’s priority with regard to its workforce and employer brand strategy continues to be to position itself focussing on an exceptional employee experience, attracting the best candidates who match its Values driven culture.

TLC communicates with its staff through a multitude of avenues, all of which are aimed at effective two-way discourse, collaboration and engagement with all staff members. These practices have emphasised the importance of open, transparent and timely communication across the organisation maximising employee engagement, as well as the related outputs of greater innovation and customer service. TLC continues to identify new opportunities to promote staff engagement including using a number of mediums. TLC also has an entrenched feedback system for its people and customers. Feedback forms are widely available to anyone in the workplace who has a concern, query, complaint, idea or compliment. New ideas are encouraged and rewarded and every piece of feedback is logged and receives a response from the organisation. It is this collaborative and innovative approach to listening to its people and customers that makes the TLC culture what it is today.

Due to its substantial growth trajectory, the effective recruitment and retention of employees is essential to TLC’s success. TLC’s reputation as an industry leader has assisted the creation of a talent pool of hundreds of candidates. Talent pooling is used for targeting candidates that will meet job criteria and fit the company culture. TLC utilises an efficient online recruitment platform with an easy-to-use interface to facilitate large scale recruitment of staff who can demonstrate appropriate clinical care, core skills such as English language competency and Values alignment. TLCs innovative recruitment model enables candidates to complete video interviews enabling assessment of English language ability, job competence and engagement with the Mission and Values of the organisation. Retention is further supported by TLC’s recognition of the importance of flexible working arrangements in sustaining a diverse and adaptable workforce.

To ensure TLC continues to deliver exceptional quality care consistent with best practice, the continuous education, training and development of its people is vital. TLC’s education portfolio comprises a framework encompassing mandatory compliance-based training as well as optional professional development based on both organisational and individual needs. TLC’s online learning portal is available on a variety of devices making learning easy and convenient for TLC’s 24/7 workforce. Staff can book their place at onsite face-to-face training, continuously monitor their professional development and undertake additional voluntary training courses of interest to them. TLC continues to broaden the options on this learning platform to not only include clinical training but to also promote health and wellbeing to all staff. In addition to its established, company-wide training and education framework, TLC conducts annual Leadership and Clinical Leadership Conferences both of which always incorporate a physical activity component to further support TLC’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of its people.

Supporting TLC’s philosophy of continuous education and upskilling, all TLC staff within TLC are afforded the opportunity to take study leave in order to learn new skills that will benefit both their education and the knowledge of TLC’s workforce. TLC welcomes students into its residential aged care homes in order for them to complete their student placement in a variety of designations and practice the theoretical education that they have received. This relationship has also been fruitful as a recruitment strategy with many students moving into successful employment with TLC. TLC is committed to ensuring its people have access to training, development and career progression. The development and continuous education of its high performing workforce is vital to the Mission of TLC and ensures its people have the skills to deliver TLC’s person-centred care model. Staff productivity, performance and engagement is also increased by their initiatives, giving TLC’s people the opportunity to apply the skills learned for the benefit of its residents and patients, resulting in a higher standard of performance and care. This has flowed on to minimise numbers of incidents, complaints and concerns for customers. Developing TLC’s people and leaders, as a key pillar of the TLC HR strategy supporting the organisational strategy is a substantial contributor to TLC’s consistent organisational success consolidating its place as leaders in innovative and integrated healthcare with industry leading metrics including retention and occupancy.

TLC’s HR strategy focuses on building a business partnership which requires a close and proactive relationship between the HR team and the rest of the business to support the achievement of high performance across the organisation. As one of its core Values, Accountability is entrenched across the organisation. TLC’s approach to human resource management takes a balanced approach where high performing people are rewarded and those who are not meeting performance expectations are held accountable. TLC has a range of accessible policies and procedures in place the support the engagement, performance and development of its people. These policies and procedures are developed, reviewed and updated regularly in consultation with TLC managers and employees to ensure appropriateness and relevance. All policies and practices are regularly circulated to sites to ensure TLC’s people are aware of and meet the organisation’s expectations. Policies and systems are regularly reviewed to ensure best practice and the provision of excellent service to the HR team’s stakeholders. The HR team supports and assists with formal performance management across the entire organisation.

TLC is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its people, residents, patients and communities. TLC’s Occupational Health and Safety policy statement at the entry to every TLC workplace, is designed to Ensure all TLC facilities operate at the highest safety standards to protect its employees, residents, patients, visitors, contractors. The policy  also Ensure all relevant information pertaining to health and safety is widely communicated and implemented, provide training and resources so that employees can work safely as well as establish measureable targets and objectives for health and safety to ensure continuous improvement. All staff have the opportunity to participate in OHS consultation and committees and hazard and incident reporting is encouraged and widely visible. Health and safety responsibilities are integrated into every position description and training such as manual handling, delivered by in-house physiotherapists, is mandatory. TLC’s approach to workplace design is also now influenced by safety. TLC’s new sites have been fitted with innovative sensory flooring which ensures a safer environment for residents and staff minimising risk. Staff will be able to identify if a resident movement and any potential incident via remote location, promoting quicker response times maximising incident management and prevention.

TLC has a strong focus on employee wellbeing, motivation and satisfaction. As part of its commitment to the Health and Wellbeing of Team TLC, TLC operates an extensive Health and Wellbeing program. In recognition of its commitment to providing a health workplace for Team TLC, TLC is also now a certified Global Healthy Workplace – a global citation recognising excellence in the provision of workplace health and wellbeing with focus on sound ethical principles, performance and value to employees and stakeholders. TLC has achieved exceptional HR metrics, which represent a healthy and thriving workplace culture. TLC is proud of its workplace culture and its team, Team TLC. Without its people, TLC simply would not be the organisation it is today renowned for delivering wellbeing to its communities.

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