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Swisse Wellness has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Swisse is proudly part of the H&H group, a global health, nutrition and personal care company, which Swisse joined in 2015. As part of a global organisation, Swisse is dynamic and ambitious in its mission to inspire wellness and make millions of people healthier and happier. H&H Group has six premium heritage brands that provide nutrition and wellness solutions backed by science, supporting consumers across the entire life cycle. Two of those brands, Swisse and Biostime, are based in Australia.

Swisse is the Australian market leader in the vitamins, herbal and mineral supplements (VHMS) market and a primary contributor to the growth of the category. The organisation has expanded its product range over time to cover a broad suite of health and wellness products. With the backing of the H&H Group, Swisse has transformed into a global wellness brand.

Swisse’s mission is to make people around the world healthier and happier. This core philosophy is brought to life through a wellness focus on movement, nutrition and mind. Not only does Swisse invest heavily in enabling these three pillars of health and happiness in its own team members, but this is also reflected in its expert marketing and communications content.

Swisse’s mission to make people around the world healthier and happier (H&H) starts with its people. With Swisse teams spread across the world and covering many different cultures, it has taken a “glocal” approach to strategy and culture planning. Global business and culture objectives are set at Group level and then localised for regional markets to maximise relevance and engagement.

Swisse’s organisational culture has always been closely aligned to the brand’s consumer perception, by representing the brand as positive, progressive and high performing. It has received ongoing recognition of its commitment to the health and happiness of its people and has a very strong employer brand within the Australian and New Zealand markets.

As a world leader in a dynamic, high-growth industry, Swisse is continually developing and expanding. The leadership and organisational structure support its evolution into a truly global brand. Swisse has always viewed its organisational culture as the key enabler of delivering its business strategy. The Swisse mission and the brand’s leadership within the VMHS category in Australia mean that there are authentic synergies between Swisse’s external offering, and how it lives and breathes as an organisation. The feel of the Swisse culture is summarised by the team spirit, Celebrate Life Every Day! (CLED!). CLED can be described as a combination of optimism, gratitude and a growth mindset. There are many ways that CLED is brought to life at Swisse, which enables the team to elevate their performance and engagement.

The team at Swisse use positive alternatives to negative language with the aim of enabling the team to view the world and their work through a lens of optimism. The physical spaces in Swisse’s offices are also designed to encourage collaboration, creativity and healthy behaviours. The team has access to facilities such as an on-site yoga studio; gym and weights room; meditation and prayer spaces; a parenting room; a communal café and well-stocked kitchen; an abundance of natural light and internal greenery; bike storage and servicing; and digitised collaborative workspaces.

As part of the H&H Group, the Swisse team is aligned to the group’s global values and behaviours. Each region is able to bring the values and behaviours to life in a way that is relevant and authentic for the local culture, with all teams globally holding their leaders and team members accountable for living the values every day. Swisse believes that every team member is a leader regardless of their position in the organisation. While Swisse is committed to having diversity of opinion, experience and backgrounds within the team, it is passionate about all team members showing leadership behaviours consistent with Swisse’s values. This is communicated through the H&H Values in Action framework, which specifies expected behaviours from leaders at all levels. Swisse has communicated and embedded the behaviours across all stages and elements of the people journey – from talent attraction through to performance development.

The Swisse People & Culture team’s vision is to empower innovative, talented and high-performing people to thrive in extraordinary careers. As the organisation grows in ANZ and globally, it has been important to ensure that the team member experience and the Swisse employer brand are aligned and consistent with the consumer brand. While the People & Culture team is recognised as providing a healthy and happy environment for team members, it has recently been focused on elevating the role that performance and innovation play in the Swisse organisation.

The philosophy of LGI – Learn, Grow and Improve – is engrained in the Swisse DNA. In addition, a large proportion of the Swisse team are millennials and Generation Z, who highly value personal and professional development. As part of the People & Culture strategies to attract and retain future talent, investment in education, training and development has never been more important.

Health and wellness are central to Swisse’s mission, vision and purpose. All leaders and team members are provided opportunities to maintain and improve their physical and mental health. The ‘whole person wellness’ approach is structured around the three pillars of Mind, Nutrition and Movement, and guide the design of Swisse’s well-resourced and structured employee programs.

Swisse understands the importance of harnessing and maximising internal talent. By providing pathways for the team to broaden or deepen their skills, Swisse can help keep team members engaged. Swisse knows that motivated and engaged team members are vital to the company’s growth and performance, and the contribution of individuals and teams to the ongoing success of Swisse is supported and recognised through its performance, recognition and remuneration approach.

Swisse firmly believes that the experience they want to provide their customers and consumers with must be aligned closely to what their team members experience every day when they come to work. All areas of their business work together to ensure the brands’ core values are reinforced and linked to the values Swisse expect from team members. Swisse’s commitment to making people healthier and happier begins right at home with its team. Swisse is incredibly proud that the dedication, investment and care it shows its people helps them to thrive and lead fulfilling lives.

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