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Startek Australia has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Startek is a leading global provider of technology-enabled business process outsourcing solutions. The company provides omni-channel customer experience management, back office and technology services to corporations around the world across a range of industries. The company has more than 45,000 outsourcing experts across 54 delivery campuses worldwide that are committed to delivering transformative customer experience for clients. Services include omni-channel customer care, customer acquisition, order processing, technical support, receivables management and analytics through automation, voice, chat, email, social media and IVR, resulting in superior business results for its clients.

Startek Australia (formerly Aegis Australia) has become a leader in the contact centre, sales and business process outsourcing markets. Its current and previous clients range across industries such as energy, telecommunications, banking and finance, public transport, retail, automotive, e-commerce and membership services and include many blue chip companies.

At Startek, the culture is the sum of thorough accumulation of life and its understandings that its people bring to the organisation. The Startek culture is founded on the five strong pillars of Collaboration & Connection, Empowerment & Accountability, Exploration, Purpose-Driven, and Growth & Development. The intention behind each of the cultural pillars is a translation of the aspirations, which the mission, vision and core values focus on with the primary motive to inculcate a sense of family and oneness amongst ‘Stars’ (people).

Startek as an organization continuously creates opportunities of growth and development for its people facilitated by robust learning systems and processes coupled with the right interventions to reap the benefits of progressive people practices.  Identifying, retaining and engaging its key talent, offering differentiated developmental opportunities, providing fast track career moves and developing a strong pool of successors for business continuity is the prime focus of Startek’ ‘Career Philosophy’.

In an endeavor to make Startek a high performing value based organization, the management team has institutionalized a systematic and robust Performance Management System across geographies that serves as the foundation for building a high performing organization. This system helps in meeting the business requirements by aligning individual aspirations with organizational goals while fulfilling the objective of creating a high performance culture, where excellence and achievement is encouraged, recognized and rewarded. Startek is also committed to achieve excellence in health, safety and environment by providing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions and following operating practices that will protect the environment.

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