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Resourceful Recruitment has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Resourceful Recruitment is a recruitment agency driven by a passion for understanding people. Resourceful Recruitment is a leading Brisbane-based recruitment agency servicing companies in the Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Infrastructure and Utilities sectors. Attentive, proactive and genuinely resourceful, the team at Resourceful believes the small things make a big difference. Team members have deep relationships with partners and are respected in the industry for their commitment to communicating with care and delivering exceptional service.

An intentionally flat, functional organisational structure maintains open lines of communication and ensures team members have direct access to management. The company operates on a ‘leadership at every level’ basis where employees are empowered to make decisions, and everyone has a say. Resourceful’s commitment to this structure is evident in an office layout where managers and staff sit side-by-side. Intentionally different, Resourceful is on a mission to change the industry by being transparent and relationship driven. By setting a higher service benchmark, Resourceful influences and elevates the reputation of recruitment.

Resourceful embeds safety into every workflow, governed by a robust compliance framework. There are strict requirements and prerequisites for resource and utilities roles. New employees are required to review policies contained in the Company’s Handbook, supported by a quarterly briefing and discussion. Resourceful Recruitment’s people play as a team to deliver exceptional service every day. They’re friendly, professional, honest, down-to-earth and love what they do. At Resourceful, every day is game day where everyone plays as a team and supports each other to achieve success. The Resourceful Recruitment team enjoys a modern, relaxed and adult working environment. Staff are truly appreciated, and the business is proud of the perks available to their fun, dedicated, hardworking team.

Human resources are integral to the Resourceful business. Strategic human resource management focuses on maintaining and supporting this important asset, with HR policies and practices guiding staff through the employee lifecycle. The business performs better when staff are feeling motivated. Incentives such as health and wellbeing, training/development, employee assistance, flexibility, medical rebates, rewards/bonuses are designed to help staff achieve goals. The Resourceful Leadership Team (RLT) monitors efficiency of HR policies and practices. Employees are encouraged to share positive feedback and roadblocks.

The role of directors at Resourceful is to elevate employees to deliver their best, with a view to retaining staff and growing future leaders. Directors Christian and Brent are empathetic managers who foster high performance and a positive environment where everyone has responsibility for their own success and the success of the business.  Leadership occurs at every level, with external professionals delivering coaching to individual team members and groups, including workshops identifying leadership styles and personality types to improve understanding and communication. Formal and informal one-on-one mentoring by directors ensures every team member is supported to bring their best to the role.

Christian and Brent believe that engaged and happy teams result in productivity and success. Team sentiment and engagement is constantly evaluated. Effective engagement starts on day one with enthusiasm harnessed by introducing new team members to co-workers, a welcome lunch and allocating a mentor. New team members are given a project to present at the end of month one. Annual objectives are set in consultation with the team, creating ownership and accountability. Having a visual representation of company values and individual goals, along with regular reviews via CrewMojo ensures employee engagement.

The organisational culture facilitates true work/life balance. This is complemented by meaningful, enriching work, while helping companies grow and succeed. Training and development are key pillars of the long-term success of Resourceful and an important part of the company’s commitment to nurturing employee success. Individual training and development plans are created with each employee by setting short and long-term goals together. Setting small, achievable goals on the journey to bigger goals provides employees with a clear process for achievement and a sense of accomplishment along the way.

Continuous feedback is a cornerstone of the employee development model and used as a tool for growth and recognition. The CrewMojo app is leveraged to provide constructive, regular, real-time feedback. By operating the business in an open and transparent manner with financial performance, objectives, projects, KPI’s and results all visible, employees can identify opportunities for development outside their job function. This cross-training increases communication and trust, giving the opportunity for team members to step into new and diverse roles when people are on leave. It expands their skills, supports them to step outside of comfort zones and encourages lateral thinking. Resourceful’s perks, flexibility, training programs and culture have fostered loyalty and staff retention.

A continuous performance management approach is utilised to support employees in achieving high performance and success. Performance development and feedback is a real-time, forward-looking approach to performance used to align employees with company values and truly support their success. Resourceful’s continuous performance management is focused on coaching and developing the whole team, making employees feel happier, retaining them for longer and building performance faster. This approach allows Resourceful to quickly adapt and respond to the dynamic environments of the recruitment industry. Continuous performance management also helps Resourceful’s managers become inspiring leaders that empower team members to take ownership of their performance and build a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Conscious of the fact that non-toxic work environments can improve overall wellbeing and productivity, the Resourceful office is fitted out with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Indoor plants filter the air providing cleaner, more breathable air. A contract horticultural service maintains office landscaping. The result is a pleasant space where people want to come to work. Resourceful Recruitment was founded on a philosophy of putting people first. The business provides a healthy, safe, and supportive environment that brings out the best in people.

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