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Resolution Media has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Resolution is a digital agency sitting at the intersection of media / creativity / data / technology. Their vision is to be a remarkable digital partner for their partners. Resolution’s highly trained specialist teams are dedicated to improving our clients’ return on investment across all digital channels.

Resolution are committed to a ‘People First’ approach.

Globally, Resolution started as an independent search agency in Chicago in 2002. In 2006 Resolution were acquired by Omnicom in Australia, and in 2013 Omnicom acquired Bruce Clay Australasia and this was the start of the Remarkable Journey. Resolution is a full-service digital agency specialising in ‘Performance Brand Experiences’ to ‘deliver Remarkable results for their clients’. Together with their strong culture, RESO values, and remarkable approach, Resolution grows from strength to strength. Resolution provides full service digital solutions for the clients in the OMG media agencies and also works direct to market with mid-tier to large enterprises such as Electrolux, Kimberley Clark, Bingo, Vintech.

Resolution’s experience spans over a decade in the digital marketing industry, producing Remarkable results for brands who want an easy, uncomplicated, one stop shop agency experience. Resolution started with 24 employees in 2013 and are now 260+ strong across 3 offices.

Resolution’s structure is relatively flat with only 6 levels ranging from Assistant to General Manager plus a CEO. They have product groups with dedicated leaders who are the subject matter experts of their peers, regardless of their level or title. The structure governs the day to day activities while the product groups are responsible for furthering Resolution’s digital product offering of 100 products services. This Integrated approach allows Resolution to be innovative always and thinking of new ways of achieving remarkable results for their clients. This structure creates quick decision making, freedom of communication, continuous feedback loops, speedy responsiveness to constantly moving industry changes and a clear career path for each RESO specialist.

Resolution have four main values that guide the behaviours of their employees (RESOs). The RESO values underwrites the success Resolution delivers for their clients and their efforts transcends into financial outcomes.

At RESO they strive for a culture of transparency, respect, continuous development and a harmonious balance of work and life. Their staff turnover is below industry average, and one of the strategies they created is a promise to their RESO’s Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP). EVP is aligned with their overall vision to create Remarkable contributions, results or achievements.

As an industry player and member of several organisational bodies, Resolution work with key industry players to create tailored training programs and opportunities. Resolution employ some of the best technical experts in the industry that facilitate regular internal training and knowledge sessions to broaden and deepen the skillset of their employees.

To ensure Resolution’s team ahead of the curve, they partner with Google, Facebook and various other media partners to accredit their teams in the latest knowledge and skills needed to give their clients ROI. Resolution have a full training calendar packed with a variety of training and knowledge share micro learning sessions across our product groups (SEM, SEO, Social, Conversion, Analytics etc.) and verticals. This has enabled Resolution to broaden and deepen their employee’s digital skills, create a more fluid workforce, and ensure their clients receive cutting edge performance on their digital campaigns.

At Resolution, they take a different approach. Resolution’s employees work hard in a socially unique environment. Resolution aim to protect the well-being of their staff through providing a healthy and safe work environment that fosters positive work life balance. Their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is centered on the premise that in order “To Give 100%” you need “To Feel 100%”. Resolution ensure their employees feel 100% by having the wellness initiatives, programs and committees in place.

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