Itree has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Itree develops intelligent software for government agencies and regulators in Australia and New Zealand. Itree’s solutions save lives and environments by improving safety, productivity and efficiency in the areas of regulation, compliance and enforcement.

Itree’s solution specialisation for over 24 years means they deeply understand the needs of regulatory organisations at all government levels and across a broad range of industries. Itree is a regional technology company with their development centre and technology hub headquarters located at Wollongong Innovation Campus.

Itree is the only regionally based, 100% Australian owned regulatory software solutions business. They are financially stable, and privately held. Itree’s roots stem back to strong connections with the University of Wollongong, which has laid the foundation of their award winning innovative and flexible development pedigree.

Itree is proud to be a creator of things that make our environments and communities safer places for all people. Whether it is intelligent transport safety, graffiti incident management, seafarer vessel inspection or gambling investigation and case management – Itree solutions are at the heart of making our world a safer place.

Every Itree solution is subjected to their accredited quality system, with automated technology to ensure implementation, integration and data migration is completed to the highest standards. Itree’s ISO Quality Management Systems and Information Security accreditation demonstrates their commitment to software development, project management and security-related services in accordance with government standards.

In 2018, Itree won AusIndustry’s Business Research and Innovation Initiative grant to develop an inter-jurisdictional data sharing platform called “REACH”. Working with agencies in the child protection sector, this is an exciting step towards helping to ensure improved child safety and less abuse, whilst maintaining privacy, security and data integrity.

Itree takes pride in its track record – having retained 100% of their customers over the last 24 years and delivering on all commitments by completing every customer project through to production. This includes complex, high volume, real-time transactional systems that their clients rely upon to fulfil their regulatory duties.

Itree maintains an employee base of around 100 employees. Employees are recruited and retained by aligning Itree’s values with their own; Safer communities; preserving the environment and protecting citizens. Itree continues to provide a workplace where flexibility, inclusion, difference and diversity are fully embraced.  

Itree’s culture, leadership and strategies assist in guiding their teams, inspiring and motivating their employees, is responsible for attracting, attaining and retaining great talent, and for creating a fun, happy, innovative and exciting work environment where their employees are relaxed, enriched, productive and happy.

Itree has in place strategies and initiatives that create stimulating and supportive workplace environments for their employees. Itree focus on all people being able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities.

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