InfoTrack has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2020.
The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

InfoTrack is the leading innovator in legal technology. They are an award-winning technology company that creates innovative solutions to support a range of businesses with gaining efficiencies in the digital age. Their solutions are built around an integrated platform enabling their clients to find, analyse, organise and communicate information more efficiently and effectively. InfoTrack’s clients believe that the InfoTrack solution suite is comprehensive, user-friendly and continues to revolutionise their workflow, improve productivity, increase profitability whilst stimulating growth. InfoTrack build smart technology that capitalises on new technological advancements, making their clients’ lives easier. InfoTrack’s platform can be integrated into existing software, allowing information to flow seamlessly between systems to provide an uninterrupted workflow and eliminate re-keying of data. This allows their clients to use one system for all of their tasks instead of navigating between multiple websites to obtain their information. InfoTrack simplify workflows to save their clients time. They are growing at a rate of 115 clients per month as they continue to expand their offerings and break into new markets. InfoTrack currently service over 8,500 clients across Australia in the legal, conveyancing, banking, finance, insolvency, surveying, mercantile, accountancy and government sectors.

In addition to the 4,500 searches, certificates, reports InfoTrack offer, they create truly revolutionary technology that is changing the way professionals work. InfoTrack’s software and services deliver significant efficiencies to practitioners across various industries, allowing for time and cost savings and increasing efficiency, profitability and growth. InfoTrack are continually enhancing their existing products and services to provide their clients with additional features and enhanced user experience. Their new products and enhancements are born out of suggestions from staff, industry research, and client feedback. Infotrack ensure have a 360-degree view of the market and build products that will help their customers navigate changes in the industry and provide their clients with enhanced services.

Every day, across all InfoTrack’s activities, they engage with people who have a vested interest in what InfoTrack do and who are, and in some form, are connected to their purpose. The quality of these relationships with their stakeholders determine how well InfoTrack deliver on their vision and strategy and how well they service their clients. InfoTrack operates under a very transparent structure and is committed to two-way open communication that involves collaborating with all stakeholders; whether that is their staff, clients, partners or resellers and their Board. Keeping all stakeholders engaged and being clear about how they contribute to the success of their company and their client’s overall success is paramount. InfoTrack’s growth has been exponential, and this can be attributed to their dedication to their technology, service and people.

At InfoTrack, they are a high-performance culture and move at a very fast pace to retain their leadership position as the leading legal tech innovator. As such, their key strategic objectives are continually evolving. In conjunction with InfoTrack’s strategy formulation process, they empower all employees to immerse themselves in the process of strategy formulation, by openly contributing their strategic idea in the form of a White Paper. This means their employees are invested in the direction of the company.

To maintain effective recruitment and retention, InfoTrack’s recruitment process is rigorous because it takes a very special kind of person to fit in with their culture. The first step in finding the right people is ensuring they understand the roles their hiring for. Their human resources team organise job description workshops with each department to determine the competencies, personal attributes, knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in each position. They also have tailored interview questions specifically for each role. A strong indicator of InfoTrack’s effective recruitment and retention strategy is their highly developed onboarding plan. InfoTrack ensures a new employee’s first day makes a positive and lasting impression. The major objective on an employee’s first day at InfoTrack is to make the individual feel at ease, introduce them to colleagues and provide them with essential information and documentation so that they can start to orient themselves with their role and environment without being overwhelmed.

A strong part of InfoTrack’s employer brand is promoting a team of empowered employees who are given clear responsibility and accountability, are highly engaged, take care of one other, figure out smart solutions together, and work hard to deliver exceptional results. InfoTrack address issues as they arise and they identify them as road-blocks in each of their team huddles. They also promote hands-on governance fostered by team decision making and high productivity levels. InfoTrack strive to provide an open and transparent physical environment fostering transparency, communication, collaboration, and random encounters between teams at any point in the day. Their company ethos is ‘Effort over obligation’. Effort over obligation is about the mindset all staff bring into the office each day. InfoTrack are a fast-moving, award-winning company and their people believe in what they do and are passionate about their mission and purpose. While the company strategy is continually evolving, the core company values remain constant to support and guides their people’s actions every day. The core company values are that they care about what they do, their people, clients and are continually improving to be the best and reach their goals. InfoTrack’s human resource management strategy embeds the core values in all programs and processes that they develop across the employee life cycle so that they can attract and retain talent to enable staff to achieve the company’s strategic objectives. These values create the foundation that guides their human resource initiatives such as their recruitment process, onboarding, performance management and training and development programs. The company values are introduced to every new employee on their first day during corporate induction and are reiterated in everything InfoTrack do.

InfoTrack are dedicated to providing their employees with regular education, training and development to ensure that they are continually developing the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their positions and move up within the organisation. InfoTrack have created a personal development plan that focuses on growing their employees both professionally and personally as they are committed to supporting the growth and development of their people to enable them to achieve great things and grow in their future careers. InfoTrack is constantly looking at how they nurture and develop their managers within the business, and have implemented an internal management program they run annually. This Internal Management Program is meant to help foster internal talent and aid in succession planning. InfoTrack take pride in seeing their staff grow and many have benefited from internal mentoring and management programs.

InfoTrack’s senior management team (without any formal requirement to do so) often tell employees that they are valued, they are cared for and they are encouraged to care about each other. No hard work goes unnoticed as managers ensure to recognise employees for their dedication and effort. Acknowledging and congratulating team members frequently promotes flat hierarchies within the organisation, adding to the friendly and approachable nature of management. One of InfoTrack’s four key values is to care about what they do and the people they work with. This drives them to maintain a healthy, safe and a supportive environment. InfoTrack regularly get feedback from their staff that they feel well rewarded and appreciate the additional benefits they receive. InfoTrack have a variety of ways to show their staff that the work they do and the effort they put in is important and considered instrumental to the success of the business. InfoTrack appreciate all staff and recognise each role plays a part and so it is important to make their environment at work a positive an enjoyable one. In addition to their employee benefits program, InfoTrack several initiatives that promote health, safety and satisfaction amongst our staff. The company want to ensure that InfoTrack feels like home to their staff and they are excited to come into work every day of the week.

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