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Gunnebo Australia has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Gunnebo Australia is a provider of security solutions and services for businesses, offering complete protection for assets, people and buildings. The portfolio of offerings includes solutions for cash management, entrance control, hostile vehicle mitigation, ballistic / blast / attack-proof doors, windows & partitions, safes and vaults. Gunnebo Australia also provides a full range of services that help customers manage their security systems and extend the lifecycle of their security products.

Operating in a multitude of industries including banks, retail, mass transit, public & commercial buildings and industrial & high-risk sites, Gunnebo Australia has enabled considerable market share in sub-industries such as Petroleum and Liquor & Gaming with coverage across key customers such as Coles, Woolworths, Caltex, BP, United Petroleum, BWS and Dan Murphy’s. Gunnebo Australia is well respected in the security industry and is often considered to be the supplier of choice due to the quality of products as well as its deep industry expertise which presents a lower-risk delivery model for customers. Many of the products offered by Gunnebo Australia are certified to European Standards to ensure the level of durability and business resilience required to secure the nation’s critical assets.

Gunnebo Australia aligns its business with the Strategic Principle, “Become Trusted Advisor; Deliver Lifetime Value”. Under this principle, Gunnebo Australia focuses on the model of customer intimacy, building deeper customer relationships and providing more complete solutions. Their customers seek them out for advice and the relationships aren’t just technical. Through an understanding of their customers’ business, Gunnebo Australia provides solutions that deliver lifetime value to their customers, in turn driving sustainable, profitable growth for the business.

The Strategic Principle guides the decision-making process in every part of the business to ensure that all parts of the business are aligned.

To ensure cultural alignment between the employees and the business, Gunnebo Australia also uses a set of guiding behavioural characteristics known as Performance Cornerstones. The ‘Challenger Mindset’ refers to the employees of Gunnebo Australia providing value for customers by fostering a performance culture that allows for the organisation to deliver on its promises. ‘Networking’ is the ability of Gunnebo Australia employees to create and align networks that will link people to perform together. Gunnebo Australia employees can utilise these networks to create value for customers as it increases efficiency and improves processes. ‘Networking’ is also the ability of Gunnebo Australia employees to manage stakeholders effectively to ensure consensus among those influencing and those being influenced by business decisions. Gunnebo Australia employees demonstrate ‘Business Acumen’ by showing an understanding for cost and value creation. In addition, Gunnebo Australia employees use this knowledge to create value for the customer’s business. The last cornerstone is ‘Engaged Leaders’ which Gunnebo Australia demonstrate through great leadership and communication skills by providing clear direction for individuals and teams. This allows for faster delivery as people are empowered. These skills are also relevant to Gunnebo Australia employees as a whole. Employees demonstrates leadership in their daily working lives, in the tasks they carry out and in the projects to which they contribute. Furthermore, Gunnebo Australia employees encourage open communication and tell the truth.

 As a significant number of Gunnebo Australia staff are employed in technical roles, there is a continual focus on providing up-to-date training and development for these staff. This is provided in a mixture of on-line modules and face-to-face training, both of which are tested and certified (internal certification). Safety is managed through an ‘Other Agreed Arrangements’ approach which enables staff to be consulted and feel part of the safety culture. As the business has evolved at Gunnebo Australia, so too have the skills required of its employees. There has been a transition from a technical workforce that was focused on individuals having a narrow and specialist set of competencies to one where it is now common for technical staff to work across multiple and different technologies. This has required significant cross-training and support to develop staff with the skills required by the business. In doing this, technical employees are now able to work across different functions within the business such as service, installation, commissioning, technical support and project management, providing the added opportunity for career development. This cross-training approach has also extended to the sales function within Gunnebo Australia, where the transition has been from being more individually technology focused to now being focused on specific customer segments. This means that salespeople are now exposed to broader training and development as they become Trusted Advisors to the customers they serve. To support this transition, Gunnebo Australia continues to provide training and individual coaching an external sales training organisation. This helps the sales team develop and hone their personal skills in having discussions with a broader range of people within their customers’ business.

As Gunnebo Australia’s business grows and changes, so too are the required skill-sets of the employees. Employees at all levels are responsible for actively communicating with their managers/supervisors about progress against goals and expectations, taking an active role in planning their development, being accountable for their actions, and continually striving for excellence in their performance in support of departmental and/or functional objectives. It is understood that by delivering an exceptional customer experience, staff also experience a sense of achievement and well-being. Gunnebo Australia performs a regular Skills Gap Analysis across the entire business which is a combination of self-assessment and management- assessment of each employees’ skills both technical and soft-skills. The output of the analysis then forms the basis of both individual and broader training and development plans.

Gunnebo Australia states that safety of its staff, customers and sub-contractors is of utmost importance, with the aim of continuing to drive a safety culture throughout the business. Safety is managed through an ‘Other Agreed Arrangements’ approach which enables staff to be consulted and feel part of the safety culture. The strength of Gunnebo Australia is its people, who are what drive the competitive differentiation in the marketplace. The business aims to be Trusted Advisor to its customers which can only be achieved through the experience and expertise of its staff.

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