Civeo has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Civeo Pty Ltd (‘Civeo’) is a leading provider of workforce accommodation solutions, dedicated to helping people maintain healthy and productive lives while living and working away from home. Founded in 1988 as The MAC Services Group (ASX:MSL), the company was acquired by Oil States International in 2010 before being spun off in 2014 to become Civeo Corporation (NYSE:CVEO), a global company with regional operations in Australia, the United States and Canada. With approximately 30,000 rooms globally, the company has over 9,000 permanent rooms in Australia in remote locations across Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. Its unique approach focuses on guest wellbeing, operational efficiency and community building.

In July 2019, Civeo further expanded its service offering with the acquisition of Action Industrial Catering Pty Ltd (‘Action’), providing catering and support services to the remote mining and construction industry. Action currently operates approximately 900,000 room nights per year for leading iron ore, gold, nickel and battery mineral producers.

The company’s name – Civeo – is a blend of two Latin words; Civitas meaning ‘community’, and Aveo meaning ‘be well’. Its goal is to provide the next best thing to home – comfortable, efficient and engaging living environments where people can rest, recharge and feel connected. The villages support the wellbeing of both staff and guests, contributing to their own success as well as that of their clients. Civeo’s Mission Statement is “To provide remarkable experiences for the people and communities we serve. It’s What We Do.” As a company, Civeo recognises the importance of a diverse workforce represented by people from different backgrounds, experiences and ways of looking at the world. They promote a business environment where all employees are encouraged to contribute, achieve and grow. Civeo aligns its business interests with community interests and works to make a meaningful difference. Whenever feasible, Civeo partners with locally owned and Indigenous-owned businesses to contract services and purchase products. With over 300 hospitality and village operations staff, together with support functions located in corporate offices in Sydney and Brisbane, Civeo manages a complex set of staff competency needs and motivational factors through various people-focused initiatives.

Employees who have a sense of wellbeing are more motivated and productive, so wellness is at the centre of Civeo’s approach. Civeo works hard to instill a sense of corporate pride in all that they do. Civeo’s branding includes the tag lines “Stay Well. Work Well.”, “Welcoming places to live and work” and “Productive, balanced lifestyles”; applicable to both staff and guests, Civeo strives to create an environment that allows people to rest, relax and recharge in order they can deliver their best in their work lives. Civeo’s overall Human Resources Strategy is centred on helping people remain healthy, productive and connected while living and working away from home. This aims to ensure their employees are confident and committed to delivering in their respective roles. It also seeks to address a myriad of challenges associated with the hospitality and resources industry. An integral piece of Civeo’s Human Resources Strategy to support employee engagement and growth is their Learning and Development program, offering learning options that are both impactful and industry benchmarked. The program analyses employee feedback, industry trends and company needs to ensure the offering meets the requirements of the business whilst also providing meaningful development opportunities for company employees. These opportunities link directly back to re-engaging employees in the workplace. As the company continues to grow and evolve, Civeo strives to ensure they equip their employees and leaders with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to respond to new challenges and market changes. Their blended learning approach builds the competency and confidence of their leaders, whilst promoting Civeo’s core values.

As the business is so unique, Civeo has a deep commitment to training and promoting staff from within. It provides training in the technical and managerial skills needed for staff in their current roles with a specific focus on safety, customer service and leadership development. Civeo also builds the competency required for future projects and positions through eLearning modules, face-to-face delivery and nationally certified programs as well as licensing training offered by external providers. Civeo’s broader training offering includes a combination of compliance, soft skills and ad-hoc training activities. Developing their own training programs allows Civeo to meet the needs and objectives of the company and its employees, both in content and delivery, with feedback captured at the completion of each course.

Ensuring staff are treated fairly and equitably is at the forefront of all activities Civeo undertakes. The majority of its operational employees receive an annual salary increase in line with rates published by the Fair Work Commission, further underpinned by quality-certified position descriptions and an established career path. Providing opportunities for employees to connect and engage with one another is at the forefront of Civeo’s Human Resources Strategy and the company continues to reward and recognise employees for their dedication and commitment. Civeo also continues to support the wider community in times of need by donating rooms and food over the course of many natural disasters including floods and fires.

Work environments are supposed to reflect the culture and values of a company, be engaging and somewhere staff are happy to be. Civeo staff often live at their workplace while on rotation, so its focus on health, safety and satisfaction is two-fold – affecting both its staff and clients. Civeo values its people and place the highest priority on providing a safe workplace and a positive work environment. Safety is another one of Civeo’s core values, with a steadfast commitment to protecting the health and safety of its people and guests. Civeo follows strict safety protocols that are tracked and measured. Additionally, it conducts extensive, ongoing internal safety training and strives to exceed recognised industry standards. Working with employees, guests and consultants, Civeo continue to identify improvements to implement better practices and safe work initiatives – because the goal is always zero incidents.

With a culture that values individuality and diversity above corporate formalities, Civeo takes pride in being a place where people can be themselves and bring forth new ideas. It promotes a healthy work-life balance and an atmosphere of camaraderie where employees work together toward common goals, are encouraged to innovate and take pride in the job they do. It anticipates client needs, identifies opportunities in advance of market demand, continuously expands staff skills to stay ahead of client needs and builds long-term value supporting the communities where it operates. Civeo recognise that by connecting – with each other, clients and partners – they will generate the best outcomes. They collaborate with each other and with their communities and combine global resources to bring the right capabilities to each project. Civeo’s business is built on caring for the needs of others, so it does whatever it takes to ensure the wellbeing of staff and guests. It strives to operate its business in a safe, ethical and financially responsible manner.

At the heart of it, Civeo believes its people are at the secret to their success, regardless of their role in the organisation. Its employees all share a common trait – they are passionate about caring for their guests and genuinely care about each other. The Civeo culture is one infused with lived organisational values and systems and practices that support and encourage both team members and the greater organisation to increase knowledge, competence and performance levels. This, in turn, promotes continuous improvements, supports individual growth and achieves strategic goals. Civeo believe that investing in its people is an investment in its success, referring back to their mission – ‘It’s What We Do’.

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