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Australian Catholic Superannuation has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Since 1981, Australian Catholic Superannuation has helped people who work in Catholic education, healthcare, aged care and welfare plan for their future by providing excellent superannuation, insurance, retirement planning and financial planning services. They support more than 90,000 members and over 13,000 contributing employers with more than $9.4 billion in funds under management.  Australian Catholic Superannuation is self-administered, meaning the administration of all contributions and benefit payments are handled internally focussing on delivering member outcomes and excellence in customer service. Guided by the values they share with their members, Australian Catholic Superannuation provide a superannuation service that focuses on providing excellent retirement planning outcomes. They’re the super fund of choice for the Catholic sector, and as a public offer fund are open to anyone who is eligible for super. Australian Catholic Superannuation’s mission is to provide their members with appropriate superannuation benefits, which make a positive contribution to their retirement strategies and goals. To achieve this, they keep fees low, invest responsibly and offer their members access to additional benefits through partner network. Australian Catholic Superannuation have three different advice offerings, General advice, Over-the-phone personal advice and face-to-face personal advice.

Australian Catholic Superannuation currently have a flat organisational structure with 120 staff in offices around Australia, including Sydney, Port Macquarie, Brisbane, Townsville, Canberra and Perth. Australian Catholic Superannuation offer seminars to help members obtain a better understanding of their financial needs. Because of their positive organisational culture, working environment and strong employee engagement, Australian Catholic Superannuation have a high level of employee retention and low turnover of staff.

The culture of Australian Catholic Superannuation centres on their values, inspired by the beliefs and values of the Catholic Christian tradition. These values are critical achieving our strategic plans. They help them to define their culture and the way they behave towards Australian Catholic Superannuation’s people, members, employers and other stakeholders. Their values also help the business to drive and deliver excellent member outcomes. Australian Catholic Superannuation embrace diversity and are an equal opportunity employer, welcoming employees from a range of religious, cultural and diverse backgrounds. Australian Catholic Superannuation measure themselves against their values in the annual performance appraisal process because they believe ‘how’ they deliver their roles is as important as ‘what’ they deliver. Performance and accountability are core to Australian Catholic Superannuation’s culture.

Australian Catholic Superannuation’s mission is to empower members to live their best possible retirement. Their vision is to be the fund of choice for the Australian Catholic community and for those who wish to share their values. They enable the execution of their mission and vision through how Australian Catholic Superannuation embed and live their values. Australian Catholic Superannuation’s culture and organisational development is supported by the People and Culture strategy, which is aligned to the overall business strategy enabling the organisation to continuously improve and develop its people and culture.

Australian Catholic Superannuation adopts a robust and professional approach to recruitment and selection processes for new or replacement roles, supporting equal opportunity employment principles. This approach is designed to assist us to attract and select the best available quality talent to fill job vacancies in alignment with the capability, skills, experience, qualifications and organisational cultural fit requirements. Before commencing the recruitment process, the hiring manager partners with the Head of People and Culture to determine the best possible hiring strategy, after reviewing organisational requirements to ensure strategic alignment. Australian Catholic Superannuation undertake recruitment in compliance with government legislation, including National Employment Standards, Fair Work Commission, and State and Commonwealth Anti-Discrimination and Human Rights legislation. Their recruitment process not only includes the hiring manager but also key stakeholders and a member of the People and Culture team to ensure diverse perspectives are considered and the needs of the business are met. As a regulated superannuation fund, they also conduct quarterly mandatory policy training to ensure all employees are aware of expectations and their obligations under their policies.

Australian Catholic Superannuation is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all workers. All employees have the opportunity to share their insights and experiences on how Australian Catholic Superannuation’s organisation can change the way they do things to better serve their members, employers and other customers and achieve their strategic and business goals. Management and employees work together to achieve a safe and secure workplace. Australian Catholic Superannuation follow a program of health and safety activities and procedures that are regularly monitored, reviewed and audited. Additionally, structured (workplace health and safety) WHS policy training is included in their mandatory policy training program. Australian Catholic Superannuation demands a positive attitude and performance concerning health, safety and the environment by all workers, irrespective of their position. They believe that a safe and secure workplace is essential, as is compliance with workplace health and safety laws. The business aims to develop a workplace and culture that thrives, supports our employees and fosters a safe, healthy and collaborative ‘one-team’ environment in alignment with Australian Catholic Superannuation’s values. This will, in turn, positively increase member value, employee engagement and productivity.

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