Zeep Medical

Zeep Medical has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2019. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations which have developed leading workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

The team at ZEEP are delighted to have been recognised as a 2019 Employer of Choice. Our core value of ‘People First’ is the focal point for everything we do. The unique and innovative culture within ZEEP allows all team members to remain as individuals that are at all times true to themselves, whilst also being part of our collaborative, inspiring and multi award winning team. Flattered by the ‘waiting list’ of experienced medical recruiters wishing to join us, the ZEEP employee atmosphere facilitates why we continue to provide outstanding service to all our customers.

Robin Jerome, Founder & Managing Partner, Zeep Medical

ZEEP Medical is one of the leading specialist medical recruitment companies in Australia. In the 20 months since inception ZEEP Medical have quickly become one of the five largest suppliers of locum and permanent doctors to public & private hospitals across Australia. ZEEP Medical’s clients are the Australian state based health authorities, mainly NSW Health Tasmania Health, SA Health, VIC Health, WA Country Health Service, Top End Health & Queensland Health. They supply to, and have contracts in place, with every state health authority, with approximately 110 hospitals that regularly use their locum doctors from the Specialist or Junior Doctor division.

The recruitment of locum doctors into public hospitals is a very regulated industry. Therefore, ZEEP Medical have a dedicated compliance division whose responsibility it is to meet the extensive regulatory requirements of each and every hospital. There is typically more demand for locum doctors than there is supply of doctors to fill the work. 95% of the demand ZEEP Medical receives, is from regional, rural, remote, very remote & Indigenous communities. The importance of being able to provide a steady supply of doctors to these communities forms the basis of the product offering.

ZEEP Medical has a unique culture and working environment that has led it to boast not a single employee having ever resigned from the business. Some of the key & unique characteristics include: No individual revenue targets; Mature, trusting environment; Recruiting Australian Residents & Citizens as the foundation of the team; Staff centric locations; ‘City or Surf’, meaning that ZEEP Medical staff now have the ability to work from the Sydney office or if they choose the beach lifestyle, they can work from the Gold Coast Office, and they are currently reviewing a country option so that all three lifestyle options can be accommodated; Casual dress down policy.

The ZEEP Medical recruitment strategy is thorough, strategically thought through and meticulously followed to ensure the business attracts, recruits and retains people with the right skills, attitudes and attributes to be a member of the ZEEP Medical family.

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