Employsure has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2019.
The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations which have developed leading workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Employsure is proud to receive the recognition of being an Employer of Choice in the Australian Business Awards 2019. Creating great workplaces for clients, starts with our own. We have challenged the status quo and have built a culture where we empower our people to do the same. Our people
want more than a job and want to be part of something bigger, envisioning a different future for workplaces. Their commitment and adaptability creates our unique culture and makes Employsure a great place to work. Thanks to each and every one of you.

Michael Morris, Head of Talent, Employsure

As Australia’s largest provider of workplace relations services, Employsure works with over 25,000 small and medium businesses (SMEs) across Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). At its core, Employsure provides Workplace Relations and Health and Safety solutions to SME’s through a four pillared approach: Compliance – Bespoke Document and policy creation; Advice – Day and Night advice on an unlimited basis for all clients; Representation – Provided by Employsure Law around Employment Claims; Insurance – Business Indemnity insurance provided by QBE that covers any out of pocket expense related to claims made by employees of clients.

Small businesses can sign up for two different types of product. Either an Employment Relations or Health and Safety Subscription for either one, three or five years. The cost of the subscriptions are based on a percentage of the SMEs payroll and is a fixed fee, paid monthly via direct debit with all pillars included in the service.

The Legal team administer 70+ conciliations, mediations, and hearings per month and settled 1,176+ employment claims in the last financial year. 850+ responses drafted to the Fair Work Commission, Fair Work Ombudsman and various other State and Federal tribunals. On average, every year we manage 5% of the total unfair dismissal claims with the FWC and 9% of the bullying complaints. Overall, employer success rates in unfair dismissal cases are approximately 40%, compared to an 86% successful outcome for Employsure’s clients.

Employsure deal with more Fair Work Act matters every day than any other organisation in Australia, with a team of over 258 Advisers, Consultants and Lawyers, who provide independent advice to clients on their employment relations and workplace health and safety obligations.

Employsure is built on the principle of “simplifying the small business owner’s world to build better business,” says founder and Managing Director, Ed Mallett. Employsure has challenged, transformed, and reshaped the legal industry. “If we disrupt an age-old industry along the way for the benefit of our clients, then all the better,” says Ed. SMEs can access workplace law experts in ways that suit them and at a price they can budget. In this way, Employsure is having a profoundly positive impact on businesses, helping create fairer and safer workplaces, which in turn optimise a business’ chances of long term success, achieving peace of mind, without risk of failure if they get things wrong.

Without question, the north star for Employsure are its Values and Behaviours. A set of Four Values: Honesty, Adaptability, Commitment & Client is King, supported by 12 behaviours, setting the foundation for every approach followed within the business. Employsure is a Values led organisation, so much so, that the majority of the quarterly review that is conducted for every employee is weighted almost entirely into an individual’s achievement to these values. Employsure currently has over 750 employees across Australia and New Zealand, increasing from 300 employees just three years ago.

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