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Thryv Australia has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

“We’ve always believed the heart of our company is our people, and winning this year’s Employer of Choice Award is a testament to this mantra. At Thryv, investing in our people is one of our most important values. We understand the significant role that our people play in our organisation, and our company’s success is attributed to our incredible team. As an organisation we know how important the investment in our people is and we have a huge focus on supporting our team throughout their employment journey.”

Elise Balsillie, Chief Revenue Officer – Thryv Australia

Thryv is a global software and marketing services company that empowers small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), franchises, and agencies to grow and modernize their operations to compete and win in today’s economy.

Thryv has been around in one form or another for over 125 years, always with one goal — helping small businesses succeed. Thryv provides the technology, software and local business automation tools small business owners need to manage their time better, communicate with clients, and get paid, so they can take control of their businesses and be more successful. Thryv’s dedication to its people is its main asset. Throughout the many years in which Thryv and its previous iterations have existed, the company has maintained that this asset allows it to compete at a global scale unmatched.

Starting with this foundation, Thryv puts customers at the centre of everything they do. After all, by enabling employees to find their value and voice, they provide their clients with the best experience and service. Thryv’s values reflect this pursuit of customer excellence, focusing on how employees interact with customers and the wider industry in general.

Thryv’s working culture is an important part of its Work From Anywhere model. The model – one of the first to be adopted in Australia – allows all staff to work remotely full-time. To maintain culture, regular social events – both online and in-person – are held to help keep connections. Thryv’s leadership openly supports and encourages remote work, and Thryv’s employee satisfaction results speak volumes of its inclusion.

Regarding reward and recognition, Thryv’s annual goal-setting, revision and reporting process remains a large contributing factor to its employee engagement. Goals are set both at the individual and company levels, ensuring each employee’s voice is heard and contributions valued while maintaining a strong focus on company-wide growth and success attribution.

Thryv’s education and training programs allow them to build a substantial talent pool and ensure their line of succession is filled with stellar leadership with its Leading Edge and mentoring programs. Continuous improvement through an assortment of free educational programs allows for talent development at the individual level.

Lastly, Thryv’s highly-valued leave and personal benefits help its employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. In addition, several health and wellbeing initiatives – such as its Health and Wellbeing Committee – ensure employees maintain a voice in how they’d like to approach corporate initiatives.

This all leads to Thryv’s workforce being one of the most engaged, satisfied and productive, both at an Australian and global level.

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