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Racing Queensland has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

“Racing Queensland is proud to be selected as an Employer of Choice at the 2023 Australian Business Awards. RQ is committed to cultivating a high performance culture where every employee is instrumental in achieving the organisation’s strategic objectives, while striving each day to make the Queensland racing industry better than what it was yesterday. RQ’s “Everyday Champions” employment brand shines a spotlight on those working at the coalface, as well as behind-the-scenes, as we continue to connect Queenslanders through great racing, events and the love of our animals.”

Richard Goodbody, Executive General Manager Customer & Corporate Affairs, RQ

Racing Queensland (RQ) is the Principal Racing Authority (PRA) for the three Queensland racing codes. Under the racing act 2002 (the ‘ACT’), RQ’s primary function is as the control body for each racing code (thoroughbred, greyhound and harness).

Racing Queensland (RQ) is a high-performing, people-centric organisation; underpinned by a highly effective people strategy and a top decile employee engagement positive perception score of 80%. RQ is committed to cultivating a culture of high performance where every employee is instrumental in achieving the strategic objectives and committed to making a difference.

RQ leads by example and invests in its people and their development to build a sustainable talent pipeline for the racing industry and future-proof the organisation. RQ’s employment brand is “Everyday Champions”, which shines a spotlight on people working on the frontline and behind the scenes, at the heart of every code of racing that help to make racing the number one sporting industry in the Sunshine State. RQ is the only Principal Racing Authority in Australia to have a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) published by Reconciliation Australia. RQ is proud to lead the racing industry nationally and deliver on the actions and initiatives outlined in its two-year ‘Innovate’ RAP. Of the 1,100 organisations in Australia with a published RAP, only 39 are sporting organisations.

RQ licenses 125 race clubs, comprising 116 thoroughbreds, three harnesses, and six greyhound race clubs. With 45,523 individuals employed or engaged within the industry and 8,369 volunteers also providing time and skills to support the racing industry and their local communities. As such, there is a significant commitment to delivering legacy infrastructure for racing, with more than $450 million in projects either committed or in the pipeline over the next five years.

RQ leaders enable people to thrive in a high-performance culture, demonstrated through Timeless Values and behaviours that align with the strategic objectives and high levels of personal accountability. This is also reflected in the sense of pride employees take in what they do and their respect for their role in creating a safe and inclusive workplace where diversity and equity are embraced and all employees are treated fairly and with respect. In 2022, RQ became a member organisation of the Pride in Sport program, given the role that racing plays in the social fabric of communities throughout Queensland. In partnering with Pride in Sport, RQ is making an important commitment to a more inclusive racing industry that welcomes and supports people with diverse sexualities and genders. RQ’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offers nationally recognised programmes for a cross-section of roles, including apprentice jockeys and trackwork riders, where the majority of current students in the RTO are female. Just as importantly, almost 600 charitable organisations are supported each year by the Queensland racing industry through direct funds and in-kind support.

In November 2022, employee engagement increased to a favourable percentage score of 80% from 69% in May 2021, following an independent pulse survey. This is a 16% increase and is an outstanding result that places Racing Queensland in the top 10% (decile) of the benchmark compared to 584 other studies nationally. The marked improvement in employee engagement is due to an increased sense of belonging, driven by the level of care and commitment demonstrated by RQ as an employer. It has also been supported by a highly effective engagement action plan since 2021. RQ has an exciting story about its transformation as a people-centric employer and appreciates the Employer of Choice recognition.

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