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MQ Health MindSpot has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

“To be able to deliver exceptional, world-class care to thousands of Australians every year, MindSpot knows it must create a workplace culture that is just as exceptional for its people. We prioritise our staff in every way – from their learning and development to their recognition and remuneration, and their psychological and physical wellbeing. Our people are the heart of MindSpot, and we strive to provide a workplace experience that not only rewards, but nurtures.”

Professor Nick Titov, Executive Director, MQ Health MindSpotProfessor Nick Titov, Executive Director, MQ Health MindSpot

MindSpot is a national digital mental health clinic that has supported over 200,000 Australian adults nationwide. Their free assessment and treatment services are backed by Australian-led research and are available online and by telephone. Delivered by a team of passionate mental health professionals, MindSpot provides flexible and confidential support to Australians, ensuring they can get the care they need when needed.

MindSpot’s founder and Executive Director, Professor Nick Titov, is an internationally recognised leader in digital mental health care who is at the forefront of innovative clinical research and translating this research into real-world impact. Professor Titov has established MindSpot as an employer where every person feels valued, supported, empowered, and healthy.

The results of staff satisfaction surveys and a consistently low staff turnover rate testify to the positive employee experience that Professor Titov and MindSpot’s leadership team have created. For the last two years, the results of their staff surveys have been consistent. According to this feedback, 91% of staff reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their employment at MindSpot, while 96.5% reported feeling proud or very proud to work at MindSpot. A positive culture and work environment were reported as MindSpot’s standout attributes as an employer.

MindSpot has implemented a suite of policies and initiatives that enhance its people’s learning, development, flexibility and well-being. Recognising the benefits that remote work has brought to the lives of their staff during the pandemic, MindSpot has since formalised flexible working to become a fully remote, national team. MindSpot has also introduced a policy of compressed hours, allowing all staff to complete their work over a reduced number of work days.

Along with being a global leader in digital mental health practice and research, MindSpot is also at the forefront of educating mental health professionals. The MindSpot Academy provides specially designed training and placement pathways for aspiring clinicians intending to build an empowered, world-class mental health workforce of the future. MindSpot’s vision is to build an emotionally resilient world — which starts with prioritising the people who make this possible. As a workplace, MindSpot support and mentor staff to do their best in their work. MindSpot empowers patients and the community to take charge of their psychological health and well-being while educating students of MindSpot Academy to become future leaders.

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