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Lumify Group has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

“Lumify is proud to have been recognised as an Employer of Choice by The Australian Business Awards 2023. 

“Driven by our mission to enable people to thrive in the digital landscape of tomorrow, we launched initiatives to upskill our own people, create safer working environments and offer accessible learning opportunities for their loved ones. These initiatives are constantly refined with regular employee feedback. 

“This award is icing on the cake of an even stronger #OneLumify – a result of our rebranding from DDLS Group to Lumify Group. The brand refresh has unified our brands and brought our staff from different units and markets even closer. 

“Congratulations to our amazing team for their passion, innovation and the OneLumify spirit in everything that we do.”

Jon Lang, Lumify Group CEO

Lumify Group has been helping people master technological change for over three decades. Lumify turns change into opportunity and has become a pioneer in IT training. Lumify promotes a balanced approach to training with a focus on the key areas of Technology, Process and People; and provides extensive training options tailored to the client’s needs. Lumify provides vendor-certified courses to customised training, including bespoke in-house developed courses. Through the three core brands, Lumify can deliver the full spectrum of IT training, so matter the skillset, location and learning preference of their higher education students, Lumify can make it happen.

Through the three core brands, Lumify can deliver the full spectrum of IT training, so matter the skillset, location and learning preference of their higher education students, they can make it happen. Lumify Learn is a hyper-relevant training brand that services customers with accredited IT qualifications, globally-recognised certifications and vendor-certified boot camps for individuals and is delivered 100% online. Lumify work is best-in-class, vendor-certified IT training for business and enterprise customers, delivered in the classroom and online by industry-accredited trainers. Lumify People provides tailored IT learning solutions, technical advice and strategic consulting to upskill workforces and transform organisations from the inside out. Nexacu was acquired by Lumify Group in October 2022, which provides end-user application training to business professionals.

Lumifys’ most innovative work practice for their team is their Employee Value Proposition. Their EVP enhances the employee experience through 4 pillars; experience, learning-obsessed, people-centred and change makers. Additionally, Lumify has the extras pillar to showcase additional benefits their employees receive. Lumify aims to make their candidates and employees working lives a positive and inclusive environment. At Lumify, they believe you’re only as good as your employees. Lumify’s culture is built upon shared values across all brands, which everyone within the organisation contributes to throughout every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Lumify seeks exceptional talent who believe learning is the key to unlocking the future. At Lumify, the transformative power of learning is believed in. Every element of professional development is invested in, and structures are created to support their people to be the best ‘you’ they can be. They strongly focus on the learning and development of all employees to build a skilled workforce wherever their journey takes them.

Lumify has created a positive workplace culture that provides a safe and healthy working environment and promotes work-life balance, which fosters a workplace environment conducive to all stakeholders’ success.

Lumify Group - ABA Employer of Choice 2023

Lumify Group – ABA Employer of Choice 2023

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