Virtunet has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2022. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Virtu wants to Empower People through Awesome Experiences and Sustainable Partnerships.

It starts and ends with our team members, the “Victors” in mind. From our inception, Virtu’s long-term goal has always been to empower people, regardless of their gender, age, challenges, or cultural background. This can be seen in the diversity of Virtu’s team all the way to our leadership team. We do this by offering flexible work arrangements which promote work-life harmony, awesome growth opportunities through training and elevation, and genuine partnership with the company through our Victors Share Options Program (VSOP) which we’re launching in 2023.

Winning the Employer of Choice Award is a very important and special recognition for Virtu as we strive to be a company that not only values our team members, but genuinely embrace our Victors as the most important asset of Virtu. This is our commitment, and this is our journey.

Combined Vision, Purpose and Mission statement, Virtu

Founded in 2008, Virtunet is a multi award-winning ICT company, delivering excellent technology solutions to organisations across the education and corporate sectors, priding themselves in their ability to deliver the best customer experience. They offer value to a range of industries with the vision of making IT awesome. Virtunet empowers people and organisations, through technology, to overcome business challenges and unleash their full potential to achieve business goals.

Virtunet strives to positively impact the world by empowering people’s lives through technology and contributing to the common good. Their pledge as a HP Changemaker, as part of HP’s Amplify Impact Partner Program reflects this commitment.

When it comes to their team, Virtunet’s team of Victors are built around three core values: People, Victor and Humility. Virtunet continues to empower their Victors to be the best version of themselves by encouraging every individual to continually grow through new experiences and training, with guidance, encouragement and redirection always readily and happily provided. Virtunet ensures that all employees (Victors) are equipped, enabled and encouraged to pursue Happiness, Health and Success in their Personal and Professional Journey.

The introduction of a Victor Development Program allows each employee to pursue excellence and growth. High quality customer services and operational excellence requires well-trained teams and individuals with versatile knowledge and strong technical skills.

Virtunet readily provides staff incentives to inspire productivity, staff loyalty and commitment by building friendly competition, increasing staff engagement and rewarding excellence. Collective rewards for achievements, such as achieving team targets and company goals, include team lunches and fun teamwork sessions. Employees’ mental health and wellbeing are highly prioritised at Virtunet. Virtunet drives positive work and healthy work culture through activities that encourage fun interaction and engagement opportunities amongst employees from the various teams.

The HR strategies, policies and practices at Virtunet are dynamic and fit to purpose for their current employees, to ensure that employees are the key beneficiaries. These include management of employee training and development, quality management, structured performance, recognition and engagement reviews and employment engagement and wellbeing practices. A recent improvement to Virtunet’s HR management system is the integration of Employment Hero, a cloud-based HR and payroll platform that will streamline the majority of HR processes and also allows for individual and team successes to be recognised and celebrated.

Virtunet employees can feel welcomed in a healthy, safe, secure and supportive work environment, equipped for remote work as well. This is the commitment that Virtunet highly prioritises for its employees, ensuring risks across all areas of the business are reduced. Virtunet encourages and fosters a strong culture of safety from all employees in realising everyone’s health and safety objectives. With a focus on ‘work-life harmony’, employee passion can be aligned with employee profession. Virtunet has a real people focus and offers employee support plans for greater transparency and support for employee wellbeing and professional development. The organisation has strengthened its processes and frameworks so employees have the resources and knowledge to do their best, as evidenced by Virtunet being ISO9001:2015 certified in February 2022.

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