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Simba Global has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2022. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

“Simba Global are incredibly proud and humbled to be recognized as an Employer of Choice. We are built on generations of passion, drive, and courage. Our core values make our culture unique, encompassing the very essence of Simba Global and driving our behaviours and interactions with everyone who is part of the Simba family – our people, clients, and suppliers. In all that we do and in every country that we touch, we are committing to being better tomorrow than we are today.”

Hailey Butler, Head of People and Culture, Simba Global

The Simba Global story started over four decades ago when founder, Anil Somaia, an immigrant looking to make a better life for his young family would follow a promise of a new life in Australia. From his earliest days, Anil has believed in the power of authenticity and generosity. Today, the promise of building up others is woven throughout Simba’s entire global operation.

For the over 100 staff employed across seven global offices, there is a great sense of privilege by local teams to have the opportunity to represent Simba’s values and commitment for quality outcomes on a global scale.

As a values driven company, Simba Global are obsessed with customer care and resolving clients’s problems. These values shape the behaviour of every interaction within the company and have contributed to Simba becoming the largest and most trusted linen supplier in the Southern Hemisphere.

Culture, Leadership and Strategy
Hiring well is the most important thing to building and enhancing the culture at Simba and is underpinned by their core values. Each new hire is viewed as an opportunity to enhance the success of the business and take existing employees to new levels. Taking an unconventional approach, the company follows a recruitment model based on fit, will and skill, with fit being the most crucial factor.

This model has to do with humans, values, personalities, language, and shared goals. Fit within Simba is not about hiring people that are all the same, it is about hiring people that are obsessed with what they do, who live and breathe their craft, and add to a diverse and positive team environment. For Simba, fit matters far more than highly developed skills as the depth and breadth of talent within the business and the drive and support for individual personal and professional learning and development means that skills can be taught and developed to an industry leading level.

Education, Training and Development
Simba not only supports individual growth through educational and personal development Plans, but actively implements it. Simba’s learning and development strategy aims to align the right skills, capability, and experience to improve individual and organisational performance. This is supported through the imple mentation of a variety of initiatives including: Learning and Development plans, Learning Management System (LMS), Harrison Personality and Behavioural Assessments, and Performance coaching.

Performance, Recognition and Remuneration
Simba’s People and Culture Strategy outlines five priority areas based on a vision of – Making our people shine. This Strategy defines the next three years at Simba, and by utilising the company values it also provides clarity on how it will be done. Using Simba’s core values as the thread upon which every area of the strategy is delivered, a person centric and values- based narrative sets clear expectations around the type of culture and behaviours expected of the people at Simba Global.

Health, Safety and Satisfaction
The expectations of all Simba employees is made expressly clear. Health and safety is holistic and includes the physical, mental, emotional and psycho- logical aspects of keeping their people safe. It is about encouraging employees to show up as their authentic selves every day, creating a place where they have a voice and know deep in their bones that they are supported and cared for. Simba strives to be a place where people’s differences are celebrated and recognised as adding value to the organisation.

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