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EPiC Agile has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2022. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

“We spend 5 out of every 7 days of our working adult lives in a business environment. So if we at EPiC wanted to have a positive impact on humanity, this was the right place to start. Our purpose is “to Create Amazing Workplaces that People Love”… but, there is no point trying to create this for everyone else, if we don’t first experience it for ourselves. And honestly, if we can’t imagine it and haven’t lived it, how could we honestly say this is “what we do” for others. Being chosen as a winner of The Employer of Choice Award is therefore more to us than just a piece of paper. It is an industry recognition that what we are doing is working, and it’s an acknowledgement that we are capable of bringing this purpose to life for others… because we’ve proven we’ve done it for ourselves.”

Rob Gaunt, Co-Founder, EPiC Agile

EPiC Agile was born in 2016 when Brad Bennett and Rob Gaunt, recognised an opportunity to bring together a tribe of human-centred, passionate agilists to make real and lasting transformational change in organisations.

Starting in Melbourne and Sydney and now in six locations across the globe, the heart of the organisation has always been focused on human connection and culture. Its services echo this approach, being deliberately different in the consultant market by using a culture-first, human-centred business transformation approach, underpinned by EPiC Values (Empathy, Passion, Integrity, Community).

While developing EPiC’s products and services was important to achieve its core mission of creating amazing workplaces that people love, from the beginning Brad and Rob recognised this was especially important (if not more so) for their own team. As a startup that has seen incredible growth over the past five years, one critical element has remained constant since the start – the ability for every team member to be able to play an active role in shaping, nurturing and growing the organisation, their ways of working and culture – this is baked into the very DNA of the organisation.

In 2021, it continued this approach, making its most significant move to date, by taking a step further towards a self-organised, self-evolving organisation by introducing a chapter model – enabling its people to choose their own leaders and provide greater focus on capability building.

EPiC recognises that people are their most important asset and in addition to creating a workplace that feels like ‘home’, it invests in helping EPiCa (the term used to describe an EPiC Team Member … the ‘a’ stands for the value Authentic) learn the EPiC Way (their style, playbooks, IP, approach), as well as ongoing training enabling their team to be well known in the industry as highly capable, with a high energy, vibrant, collaborative, fun, people and delivery focused approach. For EPiC, it’s not enough for ‘what you know’ it’s about ‘how you do it’.

Operationally, EPiC has a flat leadership approach – leadership is accessible to every EPiCa, and can often be seen championing or cheerleading – whether it’s kicking off a company wide Wordle tournament, or supporting a local charitable initiative. Directors are focused on strategy, culture and direction but still also ‘walk the talk’ taking time to work directly with clients as well. In addition they support the Chapter Leads who provide peer and people leadership to EPiCa – supporting team members wellbeing and development, and finally, every EPiCa plays a role in shaping and leading the ‘how’ we do things and bringing the best to their clients and supporting each other to be their best.

For more information about EPiC Agile, visit epicagile.com

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