Charterhouse has been selected as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2022. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

“Charterhouse is proud to be recognised for the fifth successive year as an Employer Of Choice in the Australian Business Awards 2022.  It is a testament to everybody that works here about how we choose to show up, interact and engage with each other, and indeed with our customers.  Our success hinges on our people.  They are the “secret sauce” in our recipe that makes such a great workplace.

“At Charterhouse everything we do starts and ends with the concept of “People Over Placements, Always”.  Outwardly this manifests itself in how we communicate, opting for transparency, detail, unbiased counsel; the over-arching objective being to help and add value to our customers processes.  Inwards this shows itself through how we engage our people; the emphasis strongly on authenticity, transparency, and communication with intent.  In all of our dealings it’s about ensuring that we are questioning and listening with a goal to understand rather than simply to respond.  The “what” of what we do matters; the “how” of how we do it, matters more and for us this belief system of “People Over Placements, Always” is the starting point for all of our interactions.”

Jason Darbyshire, CEO, Charterhouse

Charterhouse is a forward-thinking, award-winning recruitment agency on a mission to expand the talent pool by creating remarkable candidate experiences. Our primary focus is to help bring together prospective employees with amazing employers and workplaces with the goal being to find them fulfilling employment that brings job satisfaction.

Operating across 8 offices internationally our employees use the platforms and networks that Charterhouse provides and augments this with their own relationships and networks to broker meetings and discussions. We are a privately held, medium-sized recruitment organisation with 2 core businesses: Charterhouse Medical & Charterhouse Partnership.

Charterhouse Medical – supplies medical professionals across Australia and the UK on a permanent and locum basis. With agreements signed in each of Australia’s states; we place doctors rurally, regionally, and at a metropolitan level across all of Australia.

Charterhouse Partnership – supplies professionals across IT, Accounting, Strategy & Policy, Legal, and Professional Support. We do so on both a permanent and interim basis. Our depth of relationships spans across Government, Commercial and Financial Services sectors. We place professionals at the outset of their career right the way through to the pinnacle of their career.

At the centre of both businesses are the concepts of “People First” and “People Over Placements Always”.

Charterhouse employees share a mutual recognition on the positive experiences they enjoy at the organisation. With flexible work arrangements and a laser-focus on progression, our hybrid workforce is now represented across 3 key cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our strategies and programs are aimed at making sure that our employees can be their “authentic self” at work, and that they have all of the tools at their disposal to succeed to and to be empowered about influencing their career with us. The 6 pillars of our strategy are:

− A broad & meaningful employee benefits program
− A comprehensive Wellbeing strategy that looks to address wellbeing from many different angles and perspectives.
− A purposeful awards & recognition program that encourages high performance whilst placing a premium on customer service and ensuring a remarkable customer experience
− A significant investment in our people through an L&D framework that is multi-faceted, that engages a variety of learning styles both on and off site. It has enough scope so as to appeal to all demographics of our business.
− A program that focuses on our place in the world outside of our chosen profession (both at an organisation and individual level). Our commitments to charities and causes that are aligned with our values and that can leverage our expertise and reach.
− Fostering a strong company culture. Everything we do is about delivering the best employee experience. We want our people to be passionate about what they do, and what we do.

Whilst our ultimate focus is providing gainful employment; we also leverage our tools and networks, to help educate and bring awareness to key and relevant topics that relate to the complex and ever evolving employment landscape. Our people advise, counsel, promote and advocate each day as part of ensuring our customers make informed, educated decisions that are in the best interests of all concerned parties.

Our people are our difference. They care, they are authentic, and they practice “people first” always. They are ethically driven to do the right thing. We want people to want the opportunities we find for them. If we do it right, the impact it can make to our candidate’s life, and their families lives could be profound. When that happens it’s a great feeling.

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