Diona has been recognised as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2017.
The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC] recognises organisations that develop leading workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

“I am proud that Diona has been recognised as an Employer of Choice by the Australian Business Awards 2017. Diona comes from humble beginnings as a small family business started by my father John O’Connor in 1980. His philosophy for success was based on the mantra ‘anyone can win with an ‘A team’, but true leaders find the talent and drivers in all people to build ‘A teams’.

“The culture instilled in Diona is one where people are treated like family, nurtured and cared for while identifying individual talents in each employee. The Diona philosophy includes doing the right thing by their teams and individuals so that in return, employees do the right thing too.

“More than anything else, it’s about mutual respect and shared values. After 37 years in operation, and now part of the Calibre Group, I am proud to say we have maintained our small business culture. I have a team of people around me that are tenacious and humble, and our sleeves rolled up attitude at every level of the company means that no-one is above any task. Diona people feel safe to share their personal vision and trust the business and their leaders to support them in achieving it. We talk about ‘aligned destiny’ where helping employees realise their aspirations also delivers results for the business.

“The ‘open door policy’ at Diona means absolute transparency. All aspects of what makes the business successful are communicated including goals, measures and achievements, as well as being honest and open about disappointments. David sees honesty and transparency as a business philosophy which fosters growth both for individuals and the business.

“Lastly, but probably most importantly, we endeavour to make Diona a ‘fun’ place to work. We try to make our workplace as enjoyable, inclusive and rewarding as possible. Our calendar includes plenty of social activities such BBQs, soccer matches, team building, etc. and we encourage everyone to take part in networking, training and other events both internally and externally. If our people can feel part of a supportive team, which helps them to reach their full potential, they will always put their best into everything and find enjoyment in a job well-done. Congratulations to the entire Diona team, this award is a credit to each of you”.

David O’Connor, Executive General Manager
Diona is an infrastructure civil engineering specialist with services that encompass every aspect of utility design and construction, asset creation, management, and renewal across multiple utility streams.

Founded in 1980 with a vision and a single backhoe, Diona has grown to become one of the most respected civil engineering contractors on the East Coast of Australia. Operations now span across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and, most recently, Victoria.

For further information about Diona go to diona.com.au

Organisational participation into the Employer of Choice Awards includes private companies, publicly listed companies, multinational subsidiaries, not-for-profit organisations, non-government organisations, educational institutions, franchise systems, partnerships, government departments, government agencies, local government and statutory bodies operating in Australia.

Employers of Choice are required to demonstrate their achievements the across the key areas of Organisational Culture & Leadership; Employee Education, Training & Development; Employee Health, Safety & Satisfaction; Performance Management; Recognition & Remuneration.

Entries are assessed utilising a rigorous and dynamic framework to ensure that the assessment process is pertinent and objective. The Employer of Choice Framework (EOC Framework) is a structured model of assessment that consists of specialised assessment criteria and sub-criteria that provide a robust set of requirements that are used as the methodology for benchmarking and learning among the participating organisations.

The key attributes of the EOC Framework outline the characteristics of well-managed, high-performing, industry leading organisations that provide a stimulating and supportive workplace.

The Australian Business Awards are the regional chapter of an integrated, hierarchical leadership program conducted on a national and international level. Eligible organisations from each region are invited to participate in the international chapter of the program at The World Business Awards. Conducted annually and currently in the second year of its international launch, The World Business Awards seeks to engage with the world’s business, innovation and technology leaders through a global recognition and knowledge building initiative that is underpinned by the program’s established framework. The program engages with organisations worldwide to benchmark the full spectrum of their products, services and initiatives and to review their business performance. The cycle culminates in the recognition and celebration of organisations that implement world-class business initiatives and industry leading products and services on a prominent and far-reaching scale. All entries must be entered in the regional chapter where the organisation is based.

Organisations that participate are provided with the unique opportunity to benchmark themselves against the top performers globally. The recipients are acknowledged for their achievements and recognised as the elite of their industry earning a place amongst a distinguished group by having their products, projects, initiatives, contributions and achievements recognised on a prominent and far-reaching scale. The program provides the ultimate platform for building knowledge, increasing brand awareness, equity, loyalty and retention through increased exposure, recognition and prestige. This establishes a valuable resource that can be used extensively to create opportunities for publicity, positive organisational profiling and heightened brand awareness within the respective industries both nationally and internationally.

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