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The Recruitment Company has been recognised as an Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2016. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice recognises organisations which have developed leading workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

The Recruitment Company has been a provider of permanent and contract recruitment services in Australia since 2000. With offices located in Sydney’s CBD, The Recruitment Company employ 25 internal staff and approximately 180 external contractors.

The Recruitment company emphasise a fun, innovative and dynamic workplace culture that’s quirky, but also able to deliver a professional, customer-centric experience to clients. Dissent is encouraged and employees are valued for their propensity to question everything whilst also emphasising support and respect. The company’s structure is flat, which is emphasised by their open plan office layout. Directors and managers are seated out on the floor amongst the staff to ensure they are always approachable. Open communication is further practised in daily, weekly and quarterly team and company meetings, helping to ensure the efficient cascading of information to every person within the business.

Professional development at The Recruitment Company is predicated on their overall business goals. Employees undertake position agreements that outline the basis for training and development. These goals are then worked on through tailored coaching, which has been designed to encourage employees rather than punish them. The system involves a People and Performance Manager stepping in and identifying key lever points within the individuals’ system. A plan is put in place with tangible and regular outcomes that need to be achieved to indicate a change in behaviour. Complimenting this is a personal employee reward scheme, which provides flexible benefits that are designed to increase longevity of tenure. Each person receives a core of benefits, including additional holiday leave; access to a company games room and bar; company iPhone and phone account; company iPad; monthly lunch club and pre-tax work attire.

As a recruitment company, TRC are challenged by the fact that they are responsible for 180 contractors that aren’t under their direct control. As such, their OH&S system has been developed to provide as much protection to the entire workforce as possible, whilst being as simple to use and adhere to as possible. The result is an OH&S system that has been automated online, requiring all staff and contractors to undergo induction processes.

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